Application Process

Application Process

Application deadlines and invitation announcements will be released in early Spring.

Learning Community
Application Deadlines

Priority Deadline:

General Deadline:

Learning Community
Invitations Released

Round 1:
Round 2:

Round 3:

You should carefully read each community’s website to determine your level of interest and to understand the commitment required by each Learning Community.

Admitted first-year students apply via their Admission Portal for iGniTe*, First-Year Fall Abroad, Explore, Global Leadership, Grand Challenges, Honors Program, and Impact.

Students are invited to apply to all Learning Communities that they have an interest in pursuing. *iGniTe is a summer only Learning Community and students can participate in iGniTe in addition to a fall Learning Community.

I-House and WST applications are typically due by the end of January. Students must be at least a rising second-year student to apply.

Applying for a Learning Community is a completely separate process from the Housing Application process. All students will need to follow the procedures and meet the deadlines for Georgia Tech Housing found on their website

Please Note: Students must complete a Housing contract to accept an invitation (excluding iGniTe and FYFA). Learning Communities are first come, first serve and extremely competitive. We will allow students to accept their Learning Community invitations until all spots are filled.