Frequently Asked Questions

(Almost) everything you need to know about participating in a Learning Community.

How do I apply for a Learning Community?

Admitted students apply to join our Learning Communities using the link in your admission portal

For more information regarding Learning Community requirements and commitments, please visit each community’s website. Students are invited to apply to all Learning Communities that they have an interest in pursuing. Please remember that Science and Math (College of Sciences) majors are given priority for the Explore LLC.

To apply to the International House and/or Women in Science and Technology, students must apply via the community’s website by the posted deadlines. Only rising 2nd year or beyond students are eligible to apply. 

Students can participate in the iGniTe Summer Living Learning Community AND any other Learning Community.

Am I committing to Georgia Tech if I apply for a Learning Community?

No. You are not committing to Georgia Tech by applying to a Learning Community.

However, please be advised that you will not be able to accept a Learning Community invitation until you have completed your community’s deposit requirements.

If accepting the First Year Fall Abroad Program invitation, students must pay their admission deposit and complete the program deposit.

If accepting a Living Learning Community Invitation (Explore, Global Leadership, Grand Challenges, the Honors Program, Impact), students must complete their housing contract.

When can I expect to receive my invitation to a community?

Fall 2022 Admission

Explore, Global Leadership, Grand Challenges, Honors Program, and Impact send invitations to students in April and will continue to send rolling invitations until all Learning Communities are filled. Learning Community spaces are first come, first serve.

I-House and WST notify applicants by mid-February. 

Summer 2022 Admission

Students admitted for summer select their preferred track via their admission portal, and students receive rolling admission on a first come, first serve basis. Students admitted for fall can apply to attend iGniTe, too.

I have completed my Housing contract. Why can I still not accept my Learning Community invitation?
Please be advised that it may take up to 24 hours for your contract to register in our system.
How much does it cost to participate in an Learning Community?

For the 2022-2023 Academic Year: First year students in Explore, Global Leadership, Grand Challenges, Honors Program, and Impact pay $400 per semester. I-House and WST students pay $200 per semester. First year students in iGniTe*, pay $200 for the late summer session. Please see the First Year Fall Abroad website for a complete list of fees.

*Summer only program

Where will I live if I accept an invitation to join a community?

Please remember that applying for a Learning Community is a completely separate process from the Housing Application process. All students will need to follow the procedures and meet the deadlines for Georgia Tech Housing found on the Housing and Residence Life website

Step 1: Complete Housing Application/Contract and pay deposits by Housing deadline (You will NOT be able to select LLC Residence Halls in the Housing application.)

Step 2: Accept LLC invitation (You must complete the Housing contract before you can accept your LLC invitation.)  

Step 3: Receive Housing Assignment in LLC Residence Hall (LLC staff tell Housing who should live in the LLC Residence Halls.)

Step 4: Select Room and Roommate(s) in LLC Residence Hall (You will be given a specific window of time to do this.)

All Living Learning Community students must live with their community, and only members can live with the LLC. 

Summer 2022 – First Year

iGniTe: Glenn and Towers, East Campus (Late Summer Session)

Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 – First Year

Impact: Field, East Campus

Global Leadership: Perry and Matheson, East Campus

Grand Challenges: Howell and Cloudman, East Campus

Explore: Folk and Caldwell, West Campus

Honors Program: West Campus

Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 – Upper Class

I-House: Hayes and Gray Houses, East Campus

WST: Stein and Goldin Houses, East Campus 

Who can I contact for more information?

If you need information about housing, i.e. how to apply for campus housing, how to pay for campus housing, the deadline for payments, the size of the room, the cost of the room, etc., you can visit the Housing website or call 404-894-2470. 

If you’d like to speak with a current Georgia Tech student about their experience in a Learning Community, you can visit the Learning Communities Council website, or send an email to llcc@nullgatech.edu.

For information regarding a specific Learning Community’s requirements or application process, i.e. required courses, required activities, roommate selection process, etc., you can visit each community’s website or email/call their office. 

Explore: explore@nullcos.gatech.edu 404-385-5591

Global Leadershipgloballeadership@nulloie.gatech.edu 404-385-3926

Grand Challengesgrandchallenges@nullgatech.edu 404-385-2183  

Honors Programhonorsprogram@nullgatech.edu 404-385-7532

Impact: jeremy.brown@nullvpid.gatech.edu

iGniTesummer@nullgatech.edu 404-894-5054



For general information regarding Learning Communities at Georgia Tech, i.e., how to determine which community is right for you, why Georgia Tech offers Learning Communities, the value of Learning Communities for students, etc., email learningcommunities@nullgatech.edu.

Can I participate in a Learning Community as a transfer student?

Yes! Transfer students are encouraged to apply for WST (Women in Science and Technology) and I-House (International House).

Can I be in an Learning Community if I am a President’s Scholar?

Yes! President’s Scholars are invited to apply and join any of our Learning Communities.*

*President’s Scholars interested in the First-Year Fall Abroad program should contact your President’s Scholars’ advisor to determine eligibility.

Can I participate in Housing and Residence Life’s First-Year Experience Program if I am in an Learning Community?

Yes! All Living Learning Community Residence Halls are included in the First-year Experience Program

Can I participate in a Learning Community and Panhellenic Recruitment?

Many women participate in Learning Communities and Panhellenic sororities. You will still be able to participate in our mandatory retreats and get the full sorority recruitment experience. Any significant recruitment time commitment you will be asked to make will not happen until August 19th. This allows women involved with Learning Communities to attend their mandatory retreat on August 18th. Please reach out to your Recruitment Counselor if you have questions or concerns about this.

Can I drop out of an Learning Community?

It is possible to quit a Learning Community. If you decide that you do not want to continue with your Living Learning Community, you will need to move from the Living Learning Community residence hall. Your Housing and Residence Life contract will allow you to stay on campus, but you will not be able to continue to live in the Living Learning Community residence hall.

Have questions regarding the Spring 2021 semester and COVID-19? Please see our 2020 Moving Forward FAQ Page!