Honors Program Living Learning Community

The Honors Program
Living Learning Community

The Honors Program Living Learning Community fosters the curiosity, creativity, and innovative capacity of highly motivated learners whose interests span multiple disciplines. Students learn together in small, active-learning classes, with high levels of student-faculty engagement. They extend their learning and build community through interaction in Honors Program residence halls and participation in activities planned by students. 

By accepting the invitation to join the Georgia Tech Honors Program, you agree to enroll in at least one Honors Program course in 2021-2022. You are required to complete a total of 15 credit hours of Honors Program coursework over the course of your matriculation at Georgia Tech in order to earn recognition on your Georgia Tech transcript. You may be required to withdraw from the Honors Program if you do not make satisfactory progress in completing your Honors Program coursework (at least 9 credit hours) by the time you enter senior status at Georgia Tech and you will be reminded of this requirement once you enter junior status.  

Additionally, you agree to live in the first-year Honors Program Residence Hall in fall 2021 and in spring 2022. You will have the option to continue to live with your fellow Honors Program students in reserved upper-class Honors Program apartments across the street from the first-years Honors Program Residence Hall.  

You also agree to pay the Georgia Tech Honors Program first-year Program Fee of $800. This Program fee will be assessed in fall 2021 ($400) and in spring 2022 ($400). There is no fee for subsequent years of participation in the Honors Program.  

Students are required to participate in the Honors Program retreat beginning Tuesday, August 10 at 4:30pm and all day on Wednesday, August 11.  

Finally, participants agree to be a good citizen of the Honors Program, Georgia Tech, and the larger community of which they are a part. This includes taking full advantage of opportunities offered by Honors Program classes, events, and activities; enjoying and supporting your fellow Honors Program students; building relationships with Honors Program faculty; and getting to know and drawing on the support of the Honors Program staff. 

Sponsoring Departments 
The Office of Undergraduate Education 
The Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE) challenges students to become accomplished learners who are able to make meaningful connections among work, study, and community. We connect curricular and co-curricular offerings to assist students in developing a strong foundation for success, during college and after. 

Director: Dr. Roberta Berry, Associate Professor of Public Policy  
Associate Director: Dr. Monica Halka 
Program and Operations Manager: Lauren Evans 
Advising and Outreach Manager: Nicole Leonard
Hall Director: Quenesha Humes