I-House Living Learning Community

Living Learning Community 

The International House Living Learning Community is a vibrant community of world cultures, foreign affairs, and enthusiastic students committed to how the world works beyond campus. I-House residents plan numerous events related to international outreach, literature, film, cuisine, sports, cultures, and languages. If you envisioned yourself at college engaging in a world of ideas, cultural activities, and vibrant new horizons that extend well beyond the classroom, or you are genuinely interested in international politics, global trends, intercultural exchange, and foreign languages, literatures, films, and foods, then the I-House may be the place for you. 

Students living in I-House are expected to be a part of at least one committee and participate in at least 8 events throughout the semester! Participation in the regular coffee hours is also expected. These expectations are in place to help all of the students get the most possible out of their time at I-House and encourage a wider sense of community! 

Sponsoring Departments 
The Office of International Education 
The Office of International Education (OIE) provides leadership and advocacy for pursuing and supporting Georgia Tech’s international education goals through student and scholar mobility, on-campus internationalization, and intercultural engagement. In collaboration with our campus and community partners, OIE expands the Institute’s global footprint and ensures that we develop good global citizens. 

Faculty Director: Dr. Jenny Strakovsky, Associate Director of Graduate Studies and Career Education 
Assistant Director of On-Campus Internationalization: Allison Noffsinger