iGniTe Summer Launch Program

Summer Launch Program

The iGniTe Summer Launch Program provides entering first-year students an early start on their Tech career. Students enrolled in iGniTe Summer Launch Program take 6-7 credits of core, major, or elective courses, including a 1-credit GT 1000 course in 5 weeks of instructional time. First year students admitted for summer enter Georgia Tech for the late short summer term and participate in iGniTe. First year students admitted for Fall term may also apply to change their admit term to summer to be a part of iGniTe! Students have the opportunity to either commute,or live in traditional-style dorms on Georgia Tech’s campus. 

iGniTe Tracks: 
The iGniTe programs are structured to get some of your core courses completed in summer and provide you with a head start at Tech. You should choose your iGniTe track based on your interests and what will benefit you the most.  

Analyzing Atlanta 
Architecture & Design

Sustainable Communities 
Undergraduate Research 

Director: De Morris Walker