Welcome to the Yellow Jacket Family!

Congratulations on making the decision to join the Yellow Jacket Family! We’re excited to meet you, and we know you have lots of questions about what to do or where to go. This page has a “checklist” of all the items you need to complete before arriving to campus this Fall.


Select a roommate
There are multiple ways to select a roommate. For Living Learning Community (LLC) students, your roommate MUST also be a member of your LLC, and you will only be able to choose roommates in the system who are also a member of your community. For more information about the timeline and logistics of the roommate selection process, click here.

      1. Go random
        If you choose to go random, no further action is required! When your room selection time ticket opens, simply select an empty bed in any room within your LLC building. If another student has already claimed a bed in that room, you’ll be able to view their name and information after you claim your spot.
      2. Use the roommate selection tool
        The housing application contains a roommate selection tool that allows you to match with other students based on living compatibility, like how clean you keep the room or what time you prefer to sleep. Once you’ve completed the quiz, you can sort other students of the same gender based on their similarity to your answers. If you find a student that you’d like to room with, simply click the “Request as Roommate” button. That student will receive a message in their housing portal, where they will have the option to accept or decline. You will only see other students who are in the LLC as options.
      3. Networking
        There are various ways to meet other students in Living Learning Communities. You can post in the LLC Facebook Group or meet other students via unofficial LLC GroupMes (the links to these chats are located below in the “Community” section). You can also meet students at your LLC’s social during FASET.

Select a room 
When you apply for Housing, you won’t be able to select the LLC building(s) as your preferred building. When it comes time to select your room, you will only see your LLC building(s) and rooms as options.


Register for Classes
Each Learning Community has different required courses for their first-year students. Registration is based on time tickets and will occur during your FASET Orientation. All course registration occurs via OSCAR. Visit this page from the Registrar’s office for how-to videos, FAQs, and additional information regarding course registration.

Attend FASET
Each Learning Community will host a session for incoming students as part of your FASET experience. You should receive an email from your Learning Community’s Director with more information regarding your session dates and times.


Get Connected via Social Media
Connect with your Learning Community via their social media accounts.  Links to accounts can be found on the LLC individual websites.

Get Ready for Events and Activities
Community programs, activities, events, outings, and more begin with your community’s fall retreat! You’ll spend at least two days getting to know the other student and staff of your LLC.

Once again, congratulations on joining the Yellow Jacket family! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out the Learning Communities Council at llcc@nullgatech.edu.

Go Jackets!